My credit card or debit card transaction was refused

More often than not, card transactions are refused because of simple mistakes made in the information submitted (for example, if your post code does not match your bank records by a single digit) but some transactions are refused because of restrictions in the use of the card.

For example, if you are based in the USA and your payment attempt via the "Visa or Mastercard" payment option was refused and you are certain that the information that you've submitted was correct, one possibility may be that your bank does not allow the use of your card for payments to an overseas merchant because WorldPay (the payment processor for "Visa or Mastercard") is based in the UK and our headquarters (for iStyles) is based on Singapore.

One way to put the transaction through will be simply to select PayPal in Pay via when you Checkout. Payment via PayPal can be made using any credit or debit card, you do not need to have a PayPal account, and they are likely to work better with your card as they are based in the USA.

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