What does the order status mean?

A typical order flow will be:

Pending Payment -> Processing -> Approved -> Shipped

  1. Pending Payment - This is the initial state of an order when a payment attempt is made (when you click on "Confirm Order" at Checkout). The order is not confirmed at this stage as payment has not been completed yet.
  2. Processing - The order was received successfully. The order will be checked and may become "Pending" or "Pending Clearance" before it gets "Approved".
    • Pending - We need more information from you before we can proceed. For example, if we suspect that your shipping address is incomplete, we will reach out to you and require your verification
    • Pending ClearanceThe payment was made via a PayPal echeck and the order will be approved only after the check clears.
  3. Approved - Orders that are approved will be go into the production queue. Production takes between one to three business days (non-holiday Monday to Friday) as the products are freshly baked (made on demand) - you get a brand new piece.
  4. Shipped - The order was shipped. The delivery time can range from one day to a few weeks depending on the shipping method selected, the shipping origin, the shipping destination and how the package gets routed to the destination.

Please contact us if you have a query regarding the status of your order.

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