Can I customize a Skin with my photo?

There are 1500+ designs to choose from but if you want to create a Skin with your photo, Skin customization is available online for specific devices.

If you would like to create a custom Skin for any other device, we can set one up for you manually. Simply submit a request with the following information:

  1. The email address used for your iStyles account. You can create an iStyles account here if you do not have one.
  2. Your delivery address
  3. The name of the device
  4. Attach the photo(s) that you would like to use
  5. Briefly describe how you want the photos positioned on the Skin

Please note that:

  • There will be a $5 customisation charge. This is in addition to the cost of the product and the shipping charge. For example, if you want to create a custom iPhone 6 Skin, it will cost $9.99 (product cost) + $5 (customization charge) + $2 (shipping charge via First-class to US destination)
  • We can only use photos or images that you own, for example, photos of your family. If you use an image that was taken off the Internet, you need to send us authorization from the image copyright owner.
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