Customs charges

Packages from iStyles are usually not subject to customs charges because of the low cost of the package (below the minimum charge) and the shipment via postal mail (not checked by customs).

Shipments within the same country are not subjected to customs charges. For example, shipments from our USA production facility to a customer's address in the USA.

Customs charges refers to the taxes that your country's customs office may charge you for the import of products from overseas and usually depends on

  • the shipping method - shipments via postal mail such as USPS First-Class International or International Postal Mail are not checked by customs
  • the cost of the products - our package cost usually falls below the minimum chargeable package cost of most customs offices. For example, a package has to be worth more than £135 before it gets taxed at the UK customs

If you place an order of a substantial value (hundreds of Skins) and ship via UPS Express to a destination outside of the USA, you are likely to be charged customs charges. There may also be administrative charges if the courier clears the customs office on your behalf. Please contact your local customs office and UPS in your country for more information.

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