Do you have a shop?

No, and we do not plan to.

Now, let's imagine that we have a shop - there will be products for 750+ devices and a selection of more than 1500 designs per device. It's going to arranged like a library, it will be HUGE, it will take you 10 minutes just to get to the device you want and another 30 minutes to flip through the designs, per device, and hope that what you want is in stock.

Let's not forget the 1/2 hour drive to this shop, the queue at the cashiers and the 1/2 hour drive back, assuming of course that it's only going to be a 1/2 hour drive because such a huge facility will have to be located in the middle of no where.

There will not be shipping charges and we will probably be able to let you park for free, but we cannot cover your petrol cost and we may have to double the price of each product just to offset the rental of the store.

Why would you want that when you can shop comfortably at at any time of the day, get to what you want in a few clicks (or taps) using any mobile device and have your order shipped directly to you for as little as $2?

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