Is your website secure?

As an e-commerce company, security is naturally a foundation on which the business was built upon and we take this aspect of the business very seriously. Security for us goes beyond the technical aspects of the infrastructure and includes the way your data is handled.

Technically, our infrastructure is protected by

  • firewalls that automatically detect and block attacks
  • technology that protects against cross site scripting, SQL injection, comment spam, excessive bot crawling, email harvesters and more
  • servers that are continually patched, properly hardened, and stripped down to only what they have to do so
  • redundant hardware modules that ensure continuity

The front-end website is protected by

  • Site-wide SSL encryption that are protected by 2048 bit RSA asymmetric private key cryptography and 256 bits symmetric keys - your shopping session is completely secure
  • Algorithms that filter every single piece of information received by the site to ensure that malicious attacks that can compromise the integrity of the data do not get through

Your data is protected by the following processes

  • Credit card information and processing are handled exclusively by either Stripe or PayPal (depending on which payment method you select) - these companies are global leaders in payment processing and their business revolves around credit card security. We do not store or handle your credit card information
  • Only authorised personnel have access to your private information (such as your delivery address) and these information are handled with the strictest confidence
  • Only authorised personnel have access to relevant parts of our technical infrastructure
  • Employees only have access to the information that they require to assist you or to perform their jobs, nothing more

If you have any other concern, let us know and we'll be glad to clarify.

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